The management of G & D Northern landscaping permanently employ a core of twelve full time construction staff . The site foremen have been assessed by the Queensland Building Industry Training Authority and are current holders of the Queensland Building Services Authority licenses for Structural Landscaping and Brick and Segmental Paving.

tree4anim.gif (3498 bytes)To our knowledge we are the ONLYCairns Landscaping company which demand these credentials of their key staff.

Many employees have been with the company since it began in 1991 and are fully aware of the expectations placed upon them. The company utilises a number of selected sub-contractors in specific fields such as structural concreting, plumbing, electrical, skid steer loader operators, nursery suppliers, raw material suppliers and fully certified horticultural advisers.

Industrial relations within the company have been harmonious as no industrial action has been taken against the company since its inception.