Garden wall construction – using fencing

How to Maximise the Effect of a Landscape Gardening Project

Renovating an outdoor space with decks & pergolas can be a very exciting time, especially if you’re hoping to install new features and enjoyable facilities for the whole family to take advantage of. Making sure that the project is handled as efficiently as possible should be a top priority however; after all if your space soon begins to deteriorate as a result of poor foundation-laying and the ramifications could be costly and inconvenient.

When undertaking a landscape gardening project, there are a few things that you will want to prioritise above all else – especially if you’re keen to maximise the longevity of your outdoor space.

Clear spaces properly

Whether you’re hoping to lay soil, gravel, or tiles – any type of ground material will stand to benefit from a properly cleared area. It’s not uncommon to find all manner of components underground, from old rock and cement, all the way to cables, wood and everything in between. Making sure that the layer of land is completely clear before applying your chosen ground type will all but ensure that the area remains flat, safe and secure whatever the weather. Although hand tools are ideal, it’s a good idea to invest in some heavier-duty equipment to make sure that the job’s done properly and to use temporary fencing to create safety barriers for people using your garden – this is often a building regulation in some areas.

Prepare foundations

Not all garden renovation projects will require the use of foundations, but that won’t rule them out entirely. From laying frames around a particular spot due to be treated with cement or wooden planks, all the way to defining locations for walls and fences; take a little extra time to prepare the framework. This will make the process much easier when it comes to the actual installation of these features and they should last much longer if they are properly supported.

Hire a suitable garden specialist

It’s all well and good to attempt to undertake an outdoor project alone, but there’s a reason why so many home owners choose to employ the services of a professional landscaper. For a start, they will have access to some of the most advanced tools available, not to mention their speciality in all things garden-related. For the cost of a minimal investment, it will also be a huge advantage to have a team that really know what they are doing behind your efforts. They will be able to implement the most effective techniques, whilst maximising the end result of the project itself.

Plan Ahead

One of the most important elements of landscaping is to plan ahead of time and then keep to this strategy as efficiently as possible. Before you make a start, be sure to take all necessary measurements and calculate your costs, too. It makes much more sense to adhere to a plan as opposed to moving forward with the best intentions. If you’re struggling to work out what can go where and which types of materials are available to you – get in touch with an expert and they will be able to offer help and advice on all things garden related.

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